Our history

We are María Mulata, a brand that has been in the works for 12 years and is now in the vibrant city of Manhattan. We started on Long Island with an idea, and have since evolved to represent the authentic essence of Colombia. At María Mulata, we are proud to symbolize iconic elements and we strive to represent every corner of Colombia with nature, art, elegance and biodiversity.

¿Why María Mulata?

The María Mulata bird, or “The Long-Tailed Grackle”, immortalizes the essence of the great city of Cartagena. The subject of local legends and an icon of Colombian art, this slender bird, with iridescent black feathers, bright eyes and social personality, is recognized as the official bird of Cartagena. Although its origins are in the northwestern part of South America that encompasses Colombia, the María Mulata can be found throughout the American continent.

Ceviche Vuelve a la vida


Roasted Chicken

Mandioca Bites

Grano de Café

Avocado Salad

Tiradito de Salmón

Carreta Criolla

Colombian Tamales